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Puzzling Cat & Dog

Company: Steel Penny Games
Product: Bruiser & Scratch

Coming soon for download on the Wii is Steel Penny Games' Bruiser & Scratch. This WiiWare title features a dog named Bruiser and a cat named Scratch who are on a mission to solve puzzles. Their job is to push statues of matching likeness together, one move at a time. The entire premise for this game is that pushing together like statues will result in them being combined into one, and once all like statues are combined, they turn into another symbol. These extra symbols need to then be combined with each other, finally resulting in a single object on the grid-based game board, which will then result in a victory.

The hands-on preview that I was able to tinker around with was actually PC-based, even though the final version of Bruiser & Scratch will be available for download on the Wii game console. With that said, I can't exactly comment on the controls themselves, but I can infer that they will be extremely simple, combining only character movement and the press of a single button to interact with the statues in question.

Playing through the game will be a challenge for all puzzle-solvers, but it will equally not be impossible. As mentioned, the grid-based board (think Chess/Checkers here) will have scattered statues placed on them. When pushing a statue, it will continue to move until it either hits another object or goes across the entire board and hits your character from behind (resulting in a loss). As such, careful planning must take place in the order of your pushes or the level will be lost and recorded as a failed attempt.

Bruiser & Scratch is an enjoyable game that should turn some puzzle-loving heads. The gameplay will be extremely simple in nature, yet will work the brain of the gamers who so choose to purchase it. We hope to have a full review soon, but Bruiser & Scratch may have what it takes to be the next good brain-teasing game on the market. It certainly does and will continue to favor players who can plan moves in advance to solve these puzzles.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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