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Your Favorite Spore: Coming to a Desktop Near You.

Company: Maxis
Product: Spore Sculptor

Spore is an addictive game that lets you create some of the cutest darned creatures you could imagine. Not only that, but your creature save files are little .PNG files, that not only hold the game's information for the creature, but can be easily seen as an image of your Spore creature. This makes for ease of trading with friends.

Now, EA, Maxis and ZPrints (a 3D printer manufacturer) have gotten together to offer a chance for Spore fans to get inaction figures of their favorite Spore creation, so they can adorn their desk with their cute, cuddly (or otherwise) creatures.

Of course, there are limitations, but they might not be what you think. The limitations seem to be specific parts or design aspects, such as things that are too spindly or thin or parts without enough support to exist in the physical world, rather than limitations based on theme of the subject. Also, according to the website, all color schemes work fine.

At $50 USD, a Spore Sculpture is not cheap, but it is incredibly personalized, since its a 3D model of someone's personal creation. Then again, all you need to do is submit the .PNG file of the Spore model of your choice and pay the money, so it really doesn't have to be your creation. This should allow someone to surprise a friend or relative with a model of their creature. Hopefully, all of their friends don't get the same idea at the same time, though.

Check out the Spore Sculptor link below for more information.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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