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Back to the Future Details Finally Emerge

Company: Telltale Games
Product: Back to the Future

It's been a long and tough wait, but Telltale Games is finally ready to unveil their plans to adapt Robert Zemeckis' universally loved sci-fi/comedy franchise into our favorite medium. Some of the announcements made are sure to floor fans of the trilogy, so we'll start from the bottom and work our way up.

Telltale Games is known for episodic franchises like Sam & Max. They intend to give Back to the Future the very same treatment. Starting this Winter during an undisclosed month, Telltale will kick off a five-month cycle of episodes. Each month will see the release of a new episode.

It should come to no one's surprise that Telltale announced that the games will feature the DeLorean Time Machine, but they added a bonus for Penny Arcade Expo attendees. A replica of the DeLorean will make a guest appearance at this year's PAX (September 3rd through 5th in Seattle, Washington). Fans will be allowed to do their own version of the iconic pose from the movie posters in the Washington State Convention Center's South Hall.

Finally, here's the big one: Telltale has actually managed to secure a couple of Back to the Future veterans. The first is... drum roll please... Christopher Lloyd himself. That's right: Doc's back! His voice and likeness will be used in the development of the episodes. The second veteran is also a whammy: franchise co-creator and writer Bob Gale. He had this to say about his involvement in the project: "Twenty-five years ago when I wrote Doc Brown's line about 'seeing the future,' little did I realize that I would be traveling with him to work on this game. Collaborating with Telltale is an amazing opportunity to continue the adventures of Doc and Marty."

The Back to the Future episodes should start churning out this Winter, just in time for the first film's 25th anniversary.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos

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