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Pandora Saga Beta Now Open

Company: Atlus
Product: Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga publisher Atlus Online has just sent out word that the Open Beta period for Pandora Saga kicks off tonight.

Beginning Midnight, January 7, players can log on to the official Pandora Saga site and download the game client, giving players a chance to check out the MMO and access to special in-game items.

Pandora Saga's Closed Beta featured a number of GM-led events, including 600-player battles, one of the game's featured highlights. Atlus Online is promising similar events during the Open Beta.

Players who log into the servers during the first week (1/7 - 1/13) will receive free Dexterity and Life perfumes. Additionally, players who participated in the Closed Beta (you know who you are) will receive a Golden Cloak.

For more information on Pandora Saga and to download the Beta Client, head over to the official Pandora Saga site.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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