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Your Music... in the Cloud...

Company: Amazon
Product: Amazon Cloud Player

Today, Amazon has launched their new Cloud Player and Cloud Drive, which can store your music for you on the Internet, utilizing Amazon's cloud storage infrastructure. If you're not one of those people into the iPod phenomenon... or, if you find finite storage to be too limiting, Amazon's new Cloud Player might be what you're looking for.

Purchase any song or album from the Amazon MP3 store and, when your purchase is complete, you can select a new option to save it to your cloud drive. All Amazon customers can get a Cloud Drive with 5 GB of storage for free. For a limited time, if you purchase an album from the Amazon MP3 store, you can upgrade your Cloud Drive account to 20 GB of storage for free.

With the Cloud Player for Web (a free download), you can upload your music from your local machine up to your Cloud Drive for easy listening on other computers or your Android device. The best part, however, is that none of the song purchases made from Amazon actually count toward your storage limits. If you have 20 GB of storage on your Cloud Drive and you purchase 50 GB worth of music from Amazon, sending it all to your Cloud Drive, you'll still have 20 GB of available storage in your account. That storage quota is for music you upload to your account. Check it out for yourself with the link below.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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