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Forza 4 Feature Revealed

Company: Microsoft Games
Product: Forza 4

Recent Microsoft patent hints at feature likely to appear in Forza 4

Microsoft hasn't revealed much about Forza 4, the upcoming latest installation in the very popular Forza racing series. They've announced that it will feature Kinect support, but that's about all they've said. I expect that Forza 4 will be prominently featured at their press conference at E3 this year.

One feature that they haven't mentioned, but I fully expect to see in Forza 4, is speed-dependent (and location-dependent) suggested driving lines. This will, firstly, give a more accurate and efficient driving line to follow. However, the other thing this will accomplish is to finally fill in that gap between where the "best" driving line is and how best to get back onto it from where you are now. This driving line would be dynamically calculated and would show you where best to drive from where you are to continue the race in the most efficient fashion.

I, personally, really look forward to this feature, as it will make following the best driving line possible, even when you stray off of the appropriate driving line and allow for better computer-assisted driving when dealing with unexpected factors (such as other cars on the track) that simply can't be considered by simply pre-calculating a driving line.

Of course, since marketing for the game hasn't been hyping the feature, I can't guarantee that it will be in the game, but given that a patent was awarded to Microsoft for this functionality at the end of last year, Forza 4 would appear to be the most likely candidate to get this feature.

Check back for more information on Forza 4 and Microsoft's E3 press conference during our coverage of E3 2011.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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