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Raptr Occurs After All...

Company: Raptr
Product: Raptr Website

Well, it seems the rapture predictions weren't completely without basis... just four days off... and slightly misspelled...

The Raptr, in fact, is unlikely to result in piles of clothes where people used to be. However, the part about fewer people in the streets might not be that far off. With the added connectivity and social interaction (and, hence, competition) between gamers, you can expect to see gamers putting in more time on improving their gamer scores and collecting achievements and trophies.

In addition to keeping gamers connected with each other, the new Raptr website will also help keep gamers up to date on gaming news by providing news and editorials from a variety of gaming-related websites. Mixing elements of Digg, Facebook, N4G and other social media concepts, Raptr provides a single aggregated source for news and social interaction with other gamers and serves as an interconnect for your PSN, Xbox LIVE and Steam accounts.

I have been using the Raptr IM client since I found out about it and Game Vortex will be contributing articles. To check out the newly revamped site, use the link below... and I'll see you on Raptr...

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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