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The Hearts of Men Relaunches

Company: COLTRAN Studios
Product: The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit

The Hearts of Men was a cool XBLA indie title channeling the spirit of Gauntlet. Although the title was dependant on its multiplayer (solo play was not fun), it showed promise.

Developer Coltran Studios also saw promise in the game. Rather than move on to another title, the developers went back to work and revamped the game just in time for the Indie Games Summer Uprising, an event meant to promote the Xbox Live Indie Games channel by showcasing ten developer- and community-voted titles, set to start August 22 and run through the 31st.

Now sporting the title The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit and enhanced presentation, the game will include nearly 30-pages of comic art, as well as upgraded Enemy A.I. (pathfinding, in particular), a new mechanics. The game will also feature a new upgrade/ currency system and new Multiplayer modes.

Coltran is also prepping Hearts of Men for entry in Microsoft's "Dream.Build.Play 2011" competition. As part of the push towards release, the studio has set up a Kickstarter campaign. Gifts include a hardcover art book, t-shirt, a signed poster.

You can also check out the game's Facebook page for early access to the PC demo just by "Liking" it.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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