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Free Brink DLC Coming

Company: Bethesda Softworks
Product: Brink

I don't think anyone would say Brink's initial launch went off without a hitch. The game faced most of the normal launch problems, but was also hit with less-than-stellar reviews, server and glitch issues and lack of content. The amount of anticipatory hype preceding Brink didn't help much either.

Undaunted, Bethesda and developer Splash Damage are going ahead with plans to release the game's first bit of DLC on August 3, on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam. Better yet, the update, called Brink: Agents of Change will be free for the next two weeks!

Agents of Change introduces a number of fixes to the game, as well as new maps, abilities, outfits and weapon attachments. The two new maps take place in different sections of The Ark. Founders Tower takes the battle to the city's higher points, while a Labs map offers a peek at some of the experiments taking place in the deepest areas of the floating city.

Brink: Agents of Change will be available on all platforms on August 3. It will be free for two weeks, after which it will revert to paid status ($9.99/ 800 MSP).

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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