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XTRA! Red Orchestra Bonus XP Event

Company: Tripwire Interactive
Product: Red Orchestra 2


Whether you've been playing Red Orchestra 2 or you've just been thinking about it, now is the time to jump in and play; For "the next few weeks" (starting October 7th, 2011), Tripwire Interactive is offering doubled experience and a unique achievement for players...

Although Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has done much better than Red Orchestra ever dreamed of doing, the launch has had "a rough launch," as Tripwire Interactive's press release puts it. Early on, there were some frustrating issues with the game. To wit, the developers have improved the matchmaking, VOIP, stability, performance, stats, player progression and ranking and, with all of the major issues updated (and after much deliberation), Tripwire has decided to do a "do-over" via a global reset of all stats.

To make up for the inconvenience to those gamers who were there from the beginning, Tripwire Interactive is holding an event for the next "few weeks" during which experience will be awarded at double the normal rate. For those elitists who like limited edition achievements, Tripwire is also awarding a special achievement called "In B4 Reset" (even if you weren't, technically in before the reset) to any players who play during this bonus event period. Tripwire is even considering ways that this could be used to give special rewards to the players that have this achievement in the future.

I am currently playing Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad for review, although it's too early to give a thumbs up or down, I'm enjoying the game so far. While I can't yet make a recommendation either way, if you've already got the game and you're not currently playing or you were going to pick it up and just haven't yet, you might just want to get in "at the ground floor" and get a little extra experience, to boot, by getting in before October 21st.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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