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World of Warplanes Alpha Testing Begins

Company: Wargaming.net
Product: World of Warplanes

Wargaming.net, the developers and publishers behind the MMO World of Tanks, kicks off its next stage in their assault against the standard MMO formula.

Wargaming.net's World of Warplanes went into Alpha today for Europe, North America and Russia and is looking for some test pilots to kick the tires a bit and help to give the planes a good spit shine. These select pilots will have over 20 planes to test out in two battle arenas. As the alpha testing continues, more warplanes and maps will be introduced.

For those gamers who haven't heard of the new MMO, World of Warplanes is all about flight-based combat from the 1930's to the Korean War. The game will boast planes ranging from single-engine light fighters to heavier planes that are slower and not built for dog-fighting, but have powerful straight-line attacks. World of Warplanes will even feature planes that were designed to take out ground targets.

Planes will be highly customizable with choices for weapon, ammo and engine types so that players will be able to put together a fighter that fits their particular gameplay style.

Wargaming.net has also launched three websites to help build up a community around the new game. North American players can keep up to date at http://na.worldofwarplanes.com while European gamers can go to http://eu.worldofwarplanes.com and Russians have http://ru.worldofwarplanes.com.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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