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XTRA! Gotham City Impostors - Community Challenges Commence

Company: Monolith
Product: Gotham City Impostors Community Challenges

Greetings, Gotham goons and do-gooders! Are you depressed over your deprived drawers? Worried over your wanton wardrobe? Is your outfit not outfitted? That can make a guy as mad as a topless clown in a skirt! But, don't get mad, get even... more violent! It's time to get out and work on your image a bit.

Gotham City Impostors has rolled out their very first Community Challenges and there's bonus XP to be had. For those fashionistas out there, however, the real news is that there are additional challenges that will award a wealth of Costume Coins, so you can buy those awesome costume items you've had your eyes on... including the naughty little number for the more dangerous of the species...

To find the Community Challenges from the Main Menu, go to Track Record, then Feats of Prowess and then, finally, Community. Why, all you gotta do is slay 50 opponents and you'll land a lovely 1,250 extra XP and 25 Costume Coins. Play 20 games of Impostors and you'll get an additional 50 Costume Coins. Easy, peasy, right? Hoo-hoo - but get hoppin' - these challenges expire on Sunday, February 26th at midnight in Pasadena.

Not enough for you? Craving the big bucks? There are additional Community Challenges ending on February 29th. Complete a match and you'll get 15 bonus Costume Coins. Every 50 kills bags you another hundred. Why, you'll get 25 Costume Coins by simply dying 50 times! Win 5 games... get 20 Costume Coins! Lose 5 games? Get another 20 Costume Coins! Everything must go!

All I ask is that you remember who loves ya. I mean, the Costume Coins are called Funny Monies and you're getting bonuses for participating in the anarchy... you didn't think the Bat was behind this, did ya?

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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