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Getting High In Gotham City...

Company: Monolith
Product: Gotham City Impostors DLC

New DLC. The DLC's free. It's go time. Time to go. Go where? Twenty-Fifth floor. Top of the world. A world under attack. Attacked by what? Clowns. Clowns with swords. What swords? Ninja Swords: "Falcon Blade." Clowns with automatic pistols: "Kingmakers." They say the gun makes the man. In this case, that man must be a king. A king with an automatic handgun.

Dangerous clowns... but they're no match. No match for what? Bats. Bats infused with the power of gas. What gas? "Toxic Gas." From where? Beans. Beans? Beans. The magical fruit. The more you eat, the more clowns you can stun. Stun the clowns, mow them down. A stunned clown is a good clown.

Times are tough. But things are getting better. What things? Matchmaking; making matches. Getting into fights is getting easier. Join the fight when the fight's already started. Server improvements. Things are moving up and down... lag down, stability up. Hit detection also getting better. Hit what you hit. Don't get hit when they miss.

They've packed the DLC like an over-stuffed suitcase. Suitcase full of what? Clothes. Bat clothes. Clown clothes. Office attire. Ninja attire. Luchador de ropa. Why free? Monolith. They're good sports. Like football. Like football helmets. With bat ears. Yeah. That good.

Who gets the DLC? Everyone. When? That depends. 360? Got it. PS3? Different times for US and Europe. Same for PC. How to know? Click below. Check the forum. There's a post on the update and patch status. That is all.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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