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Game of Thrones Preorder Incentives Detailed

Company: Atlus
Product: Game of Thrones

If you've been keeping up with the news, you're aware that Atlus and Cyanide Studio are hard at work bringing a Game of Thrones role-playing game to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You may not have heard that there's a neat incentive for those who preorder the game, which is due out May 15th of this year. Provided you do your video game shopping at Amazon, GameStop, or EB Games, you can take advantage of this offer. The HBO Shop will also carry it, so you also have that option.

So what is this bonus? Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG, a sixty-four page art book. It's a handsome extra; not only is it 8.5" wide and 11" tall, but it's in hardcover. According to the press release, it will include "sketches, renders, photos, and screenshots from the game accompanied by compelling text and behind the scenes materials, like a portrait of the development team signed with a special message from author George R. R. Martin himself."

Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus, had this to say about the incentive: "Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG represents one of the most elaborate, expensive bonuses we have ever offered... Everything about this premium art book is above and beyond the typical pre-order bonus, and all at no additional cost to the customer. Its larger dimensions, page count, hardcover binding, and exceptional print quality are more in line with what fans would expect from a Deluxe Edition extra or a separate purchase, which is why it will only be available at select retailers and quantities will be extremely limited. The A Song of Ice and Fire series of books and the Game of Thrones TV series are as special to us as they are to the millions of fans around the world; we are thrilled we can offer this unique bonus to complement the first major video game release based on the franchise."

For more Game of Thrones coverage at Game Vortex, check out the links below -- and remember, winter is coming to next-generation systems this May.

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