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Win Your Own Army Contest

Company: Matrix Games
Product: Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great

Matrix Games and Koios Works are happy to announce a contest to promote the release of the innovative new war game, Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great. One month after release, one lucky customer who orders a copy of Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great from the Matrix Games Online Store will be awarded 15 units of the actual Persian Army miniatures that were used in the creation of the game.

Painted to museum-quality standards, these beautiful miniatures are suited for display and tabletop play. Order within the first month after release, ending at midnight on November 7th, and you could be the new General the Persians have been looking for!

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great places you in the role of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the known world. Guide Alexander through his grand campaign from inheriting his father?s legacy at the battle of Thebes, to his conquest of Darius III and the Persian Empire, through his last great battle at the Hydaspes, in the heart of Asia against the Indian army of King Porus.

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great uses an innovative multi-phase turn-based system. As you play, the campaign unfolds before you with cinematic cut-scenes and three dimensional panoramas of the battlefields. Each battle is based on the historical terrain and troop placements, but the campaign allows you to make decisions in between battles on which units to reinforce, whether to recruit new units or replace commanders, and how many of your resources to focus on training.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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