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Miner News Item: Game Launch and Screens

Company: Keen Software House
Product: Miner Wars 2081

Fans of Miner Wars will be interested in a few items about the upcoming sequel, Miner Wars 2081...

First up, the release date has bee updated to Q3-Q4 of 2012. That's still some wiggle room, but comes out to some time between June 2012 and the end of the year. They're currently working on testing the game, however, and plan to announce a more specific release date when their final test phase is completed.

Also, just yesterday, Keen Software House has launched a new website for Miner Wars 2081, designed by Michael Heald, one of the world's most acclaimed web designers.

Filip Novy, Keen Software House's Senior Graphic Artist, along with their render-engine programmers, have been working to improve space sector backgrounds and spaceship cockpits. The look of their universe is quite nice, as can be seen in these new screenshots. There are 22 playable spaceships in the game, each with a unique cockpit design; you can note some of the different cockpit designs in these screenshots. Keen Software House promises a chance to experience them firsthand in an upcoming downloadable game demo.

Some features to expect:

  • Drones - camera drones equippable with hacking tools or explosives to perform risky and stealthy operations inside enemy stations.
  • Security devices for space stations - cameras, scanners, alarms, doors, turrets. These will be connectable to control panels and will be destructible as well as "hackable," in order to allow for straightforward action gameplay as well as stealth and tactical gameplay.
  • Electricity and functionality for space station parts - objects within a space station will require power generators in order to work. Many of the objects will have specific functionality and will form a logical and organic complex - turrets, generators, docking bays, cargo containers, ore storage, armories, radars and jammers, repair depots, security devices...
Check out the new screens below, or check out the new Miner Wars 2081 website for more information.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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