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Create Your Own Flash Game Contest

Product: Alienware MegaDuck Game Contest

Here?s your chance to score a free fully-loaded Alienware Area-51 desktop system. As a result of the overwhelming response to Alienware?s current MegaDuck advertising campaign, Alienware is holding a contest to find out who can create the most creative and addicting MegaDuck Flash game. The game creator who submits the winning entry will be rewarded with a fully-loaded Alienware Area-51 desktop system!

As a participant in the contest, you will be able to download assets related to MegaDuck and Alienware to incorporate into your game. Visit the MegaDuck Game Contest page for more information and instructions on how to submit your game entry!

The Alienware MegaDuck Game Contest ends on December 31 2004, so don?t hesitate! Start creating your own MegaDuck Flash Game today!

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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