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Sports Fans of the World - Unite!

Product: SportsYapper

Everything in the entertainment sector is becoming more interactive, but that's really new for sports. Sure, someone may sit at home and watch the game on the television, but people at the actual game are crowded in the stands or stadium, cheering together when their team scores or yelling at the ref when a call is unfavorable. However, with smart televisions being connected to the Internet and just about everyone having an Internet-enabled device or smartphone, it only makes sense that someone would create a way to regain that camaraderie and community while enjoying the game alone.

SportsYapper is a first-of-its-kind social sports app which could redefine the social media landscape by connecting friends and fans around the globe while they're watching a game. With 83% of fans checking social media while watching sports on TV, SportsYapper provides what may be the ultimate second screen experience for sports fans.

The roster of SportsYapper partners includes New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, social media pioneers Eric Goldstein, Dave Grossman and Darren Bounds, veteran Johnson & Johnson marketer Brian Perkins, and entrepreneur Kenny Dichter, the founder of Marquis Jet.

"Even when you're watching a game on your couch, SportsYapper lets you share the excitement, frustration, anticipation and everything else that goes on with friends and other fans who are watching. And unlike other social networks, SportsYapper lets you create a social graph specifically around your passion for sports and teams."
- Eric Goldstein, founder and CEO, SportsYapper

"SportsYapper will change the way people watch sports. It's great for me because I'm often watching games alone while on the road. Rather than trying to text with five buddies at once, SportsYapper gives me one place to stay connected to family, friends and other fans while I'm watching a game."
- Mark Teixeira, first baseman, New York Yankees

SportsYapper features include:

  • Call "Game On!" to check in to any game you're watching and to invite your friends on SportsYapper, Twitter and Facebook to Yapp it with you.
  • Easily share your Yapps on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Follow dedicated sport and team streams to see what your friends and other fans are Yapping about. Sports currently supported include: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, International Soccer, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and more.
  • Follow your friends from Facebook and Twitter as well as fans you meet on SportsYapper to create a social graph around your passion for sports.

SportsYapper is currently available for free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, as well as in Google Play for Android.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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