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Kmart Announces Free Layaway - Online and In-Store

Product: Kmart Free Layaway

It's a sad fact that Americans tend to spend above and beyond their means. It's also a sad, yet unrelated, fact that I still don't have that big flat-panel television I've had my eyes on for about a year, now. Since we're going to over-spend, anyway, it would help if we could do so without having to pay extra for the pleasure of spending too much.

Kmart has announced today that it will be removing its layaway service fee* both online and in-store starting today (September 7th) through this November 17th. Kmart's free layaway emphasizes the company's commitment to delivering value and convenience to customers, acknowledging family budgets are strained during the holiday.

Customers don't have to wait until the holiday season to take advantage of layaway Kmart is the only mass retailer to offer the program 365 days a year, nationwide. There's no minimum transaction amount and customers can lock in today's low prices on a full range of merchandise including apparel, toys, electronics, jewelry and more.

"At Kmart, we understand the excitement holidays bring, and the budget concerns that come with them. By providing free layaway we want to help make holiday shopping less stressful."
- Jai Holtz, vice president, financial services, Sears Holdings.

With programs like layaway and a full range of credit solutions available, Kmart continues to respond to consumer needs. These programs give customers the flexibility to shop any way they prefer, whether in-store or from the comfort of their own homes.

Of course, there are rules... if you cancel your layaway, you'll have cancellation fees. Also, this isn't available in every store, so you'll need to check with your local store(s) if you're going the brick-and-morter route. See below for specifics.

*Cancellation fees apply. Offer valid on new Kmart layaway purchases made on 9/7/2012 through 11/17/2012. Requires down payment and biweekly payments. Free Layaway promotion will waive $5 service fee on an 8 week contract and $10 service fee on a 12 week contract only on contracts initiated in-store on 9/7/2012 through 11/17/2012. All fees nonrefundable. Not available at all Kmart stores. 12 week layaway option available on purchases of $300 or more. Exclusions apply, see store for details.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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