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UAG iPhone 5 Solution

Company: Urban Armor Gear
Product: iPhone 5 Lineup

Thinking of upgrading to the new iPhone 5, but worried about what protective cases are available? Urban Armor Gear is there for you, with the addition of iPhone 5 versions of their protective cases.

If you are familiar with their six different color schemes for the iPhone 4/4+, then you know most of what's available; four of the models are the same colors, now made to fit the iPhone 5. These include the Aviator, Navigator, Outland and Scout. The Nomad and the Rogue from the iPhone 4/4+ series are not being made for the iPhone 5. It appears that these color schemes are being moved away from due to their non-black accent color, which, most likely, incurs a greater production cost.

The two new color schemes for the iPhone 5 line are the subtle Aero, which I would describe as a blue version of the Aviator, and the eye-popping Valkyrie (pictured), which is a bright hot-pink color that should be quite easy to find if dropped on the slopes while snowboarding.

If you're unfamiliar with the Urban Armor Gear line of protective iPhone cases, check out our review of one (link below) while you wait for the iPhone 5 versions to be released this October 5th. Or, if you want to order yours today, pre-orders are available on the Urban Armor Gear website.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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