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9 Things To Sound Like This Halloween

Company: ThinkGeek
Product: Mega Stomp Panic

ThinkGeek's covert product division, GeekLabs, has just launched a product that may well change the fabric of audio reality forever (or, at the very least, spice up that Halloween Costume you've got in mind): the Mega Stomp Panic.

Designed to be worn by itself or as part of a costume, the Mega Stomp Panic is a first-of-its-kind audio reality costume. By simply attaching the palm-sized device to a belt and turning two dials, wearers can select one of 9 different sound profiles that generate unique sounds with every step and stomp.

Features 9 Unique Sound Profiles:

  • Hydraulic Giant Robot
  • Rainstorm
  • Zombie Attack
  • Gigantic Monster
  • Gunslinger
  • Medieval Knight
  • Pegleg Pirate
  • 8-Bit Gaming Hero
  • Steampunk Giant Robot

"The idea is to take costumes beyond just what we see. Wearing the Mega Stomp Panic turns your footsteps into an incredible audio experience."
- Ty Liotta, ThinkGeek

In "Rainstorm" mode, the Mega Stomp Panic makes every footfall sound like the wearer is walking through puddles, while a stomp sounds like a jump into standing water. Try "8-Bit Gaming Hero" mode to turn your steps into a run through an 8-bit landscape.

The Mega Stomp Panic is $39.99 USD and is on display for the first time to the public at New York Comic Con, taking place October 11-14 at the Javits Center. ThinkGeek will be sharing a booth #1851 with Nerdist Industries.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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