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Gravy Flavored Kisses... in The Mail

Product: The Mail EP

Gravy Flavored Kisses has announced November 3, 2012 as the official release date of The Mail EP. The title track of the six-piece band's second EP features big horn lines, screeching guitar and a heavy blues riff. "When I Make it to Jackson" listens in on a phone conversation of a couple planning their rendezvous in Mississippi and reassuring each other that the blame for her wealthy, elderly husband's death, which can be inferred was not from natural causes, will not fall on them.

A new take on the Stagolee and Billy Lyons folk classic, "Middle of the Night Blues," cleanses the palate before the raucous finish with "The Ballad of Edgar Valdez." The "ballad" is inspired by the true story of an American-born desperado who left a trail of corpses and bullet casings on his way to the top of a notorious Mexican drug cartel. The Mail follows their debut release In the Red.

Official Video for title track, The Mail.
"In the Red was a huge accomplishment. It was a home-cooked recording that allowed us to branch out and mature. We ultimately decided that we wanted to record in a professional studio with people that had the experience and expertise to capture the diverse, energetic style of our music."
- band leader J. Chester Castellaw

Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Steve Himelfarb collaborated on The Mail recording sessions alongside drummer Adam Baumol and engineer Lu Rojas at Oak Street Recordings in New Orleans. It will be released Saturday night, November 3, 2012 during Gravy Flavored Kisses' performance at the Blue Nile in New Orleans. The EP will be made available online immediately following the performance.

The Mail was recorded at Oak Street Recordings in New Orleans. Produced by Steve Himelfarb and Adam Baumol. Engineered and Mixed by Steve Himelfarb. Additional Engineering by Lu Rojas. Mastered by Michael Hogan. Artwork concept by Hal Kloran. Packaging by Adam Baumol and J. Chester Castellaw. Words and Music by J. Chester Castellaw. Gravy Flavored Kisses is drummer Adam Baumol, trumpeter Brandon Britt, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist J. Chester Castellaw, trombonist Curtis Laub, bassist Damon Motto, and vocalist Jinyoung Park.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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