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7-Eleven Gives You Wings... of Many Colors

Product: Red Bull Editions

In 2011, 2.4 billion cans of energy drinks were sold in the U.S. that's 4,500 cans sold per minute. Red Bull is moving to continue to lead the category globally by staying innovative and offering new flavors - and strategically partnering with major players, such as 7-Eleven, to promote these new products.

From now until the end of the year, 7-Eleven, Inc. will be the only retailer to offer its customers the three new flavors of Red Bull Editions at its participating stores. In red, silver and blue cans, the Red Bull Editions provide the same energy and functional benefits of the original, but with the taste of sweet cranberry, fresh lime and fruity blueberry, respectively. These are Red Bull's first new flavor extensions.

"Red Bull is one of 7-Eleven's top-sellers and we are the largest U.S. retailer of Red Bull. As our guests look to refresh and re-fuel morning, noon and night, enthusiastic Red Bull fans can get their first taste of these new flavors only at our stores. The Editions from Red Bull will launch nationally in March, so we know Red Bull lovers will be eager to get their hands on them early."
- Jesus Delgado-Jenkins,
executive VP of merchandising, marketing and logistics, 7-Eleven

7-Eleven will price the Red Bull Editions in line with Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugarfree and Red Bull Total Zero.

Now, if only there was a 7-Eleven in my area...

-GameVortex Staff, GameVortex Communications

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