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NOCC: Eliza Dushku Up Close and Personal

Company: Wizard World
Product: New Orleans Comic Con 2013 Coverage

While she has never really been on the top of the scene and the cover of everything, Eliza Dushku has a huge following, as was evident by the crowd at the New Orleans Comic Con last weekend. They started lining up to ask her questions before she had even entered the room. Eliza walked in with a presence that commanded attention and a smile that made everyone there feel comfortable asking their question, no matter how normal or strange those questions might be.

The panel opened with a very expected question, "What was your favorite role?" Eliza said that she really enjoyed playing Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is probably one of her more popular roles. She also said that on the whole, she enjoys the physical roles. Later on, she expanded on this idea when she was asked about the stunt work. Although she has had no training, she would do as many of the stunts as they would allow her on any of the shows. Her favorite was probably the fight scene from Buffy where Faith and Buffy are handcuffed together and fighting. This also ties right into her answer to the question about what imprint she'd get if she could have any one she wanted on Dollhouse. She said that if possible, she’d really like to have been a ninja or an assassin.

Fans also wanted to know more about Eliza’s plans for the future. She is currently working on a film, but she couldn’t tell us anything about it yet. She confessed that she would not want to be on Dancing with the Stars if asked, due to stage fright. Although it seems like an actress of her caliber would definitely have conquered that before now, she said that live shows are completely different. If you mess up on a set, you can just reshoot. If you mess up live though, there’s no taking it back. She would like to work with Joss Whedon again and if asked would totally be up for a Dollhouse movie.

People also wanted to know who Eliza is and what she likes to do outside of the movies. In particular, she was asked about an Albanian documentary that she was a part of. She said that that particular project was amazing. She has people that will come up to her and thank her for being proud of her Albanian heritage and claiming it as they are now themselves proud of being Albanian thanks to her influence. Eliza also enjoys doing charity work. She works with her mother on a charity in Africa that they are hoping to soon expand so that it will have a permanent center with a computer lab and security. She also works with a summer camp, Camp Hale, that is meant to teach inner city boys from Boston about life outside the city. Although it has just been for boys, they added a girl’s program as well last year that she would really like to work more with. She also said that on her downtime, she enjoys taking online classes and nerding out.

Personally, I really love Eliza’s work. I wish that Dollhouse had run for a lot longer than it did as I loved her performance of different people each week. In real life, she is just as entertaining. Eliza was gracious to her fans and truly fun to listen to. I look forward to her next panel and her upcoming projects!

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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