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CES 2013: Intellect Motion Puts You Into the Game

Company: Intellect Motion
Product: Intellect Motion at CES

Intellect Motion, an innovator in the field of motion capture and medical diagnostics, has announced that it will launch several product lines designed specifically to help children get up and moving in the gaming environment at the Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 8-13, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Based on the company's medical diagnostics and motion capture technology, these new gaming products provide a higher degree of responsiveness and interactivity than other commercially available gaming systems. Intellect Motion created these products and is offering them for sale to combat the growing tide of childhood obesity and the lack of physical activity among younger game enthusiasts. Designed to work with PC games, these technologically advanced systems allow a greater range of motion that can improve overall fitness for younger gamers.

"Playing on Intellect Motion's products is as easy as eating hamburger at McDonalds - 15 min play can consume the energy produced by one hamburger!"
- Alex Khromenkov, CEO, Intellect Motion

Xonotic is an exceptional open-source first-person shooter that provides a similar game-play experience to that experienced in the well-known Unreal Tournament and Quake videogames. Designed to run on the home PC, Xonotic is seamlessly integrated with the Intellect Motion lineup to be the first of many planned games that incorporate fitness into the videogame experience.

Intellect Motion has an integrated all-in-one gaming environment that centers on an innovative Gravitation Distribution System that can provide the illusion of half-weightlessness, allowing gamers to experience the events in their games more fully. This unique system encourages fitness by making it a part of the total gaming experience and providing players with real motivation for staying fit and active while playing challenging first-person shooter games. (Intellect Motion currently refers to this product as the "Game Cube," but I would imagine that Nintendo's lawyers won't let it come to market by that name.)

The IM Gun replaces the functionality of the mouse to allow a greater degree of control and activity when participating in games that focus heavily on targeting opponents and navigating in 3D scene. By moving the IM Gun in the real world, gamers can enjoy a more immediate and compelling experience while engaging in moderate physical activity. The IM Gun's weight can be altered from light to heavy to enable the gamer to choose varied difficulty levels.

The SMotion sensor is worn on the player's belt and claims to offer exceptional response times far superior to those available from other products to include Microsoft's Kinect. This sensor can also be combined with the IM Gun to provide the most responsive and accurate targeting system possible in the gaming world. This added degree of responsiveness can help children develop better coordination while allowing them to enjoy enhanced fitness at the same time.

PMotion is designed to promote better balance and coordination and can be used in conjunction with or instead of the SMotion sensor system. With force feedback and claims of far more precision than the Wii Fit, PMotion could offer exceptional exercise benefits for younger gamers.

Intellect Motion is committed to innovation in the videogame, medical diagnostics and motion capture industries. As games become more and more important in everyday life, Intellect Motion will continue to create new and technologically advanced ways to promote fitness and physical activity in the modern gaming environment.

Intellect Motion is supported by the Interactive Digital Media Programme of the Media Development Authority (MDA) and funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore. The company has received venture funding from Singapore-based Ruvento Ventures.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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