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Tip Against Killer Bugs

Company: Tri Synergy
Product: Origin of the Species

An innocent camping trip into the Nevada desert takes a deadly turn when military black operations test a new viral weapon: codename Project G.I.ANTS. The project is designed to create battlefield infantry by mutating commonly found insects and parasites. But when the test run goes horribly wrong, the lives of eight friends and a desert community are altered irrevocably. Waking up in what appears to be a New York jail, an urban girl in her late teens must remember what happened, and sets off to find her friends and save them from the madness. There are, of course, a couple of problems...

The following documents contain strategic information on various genetically altered insects that were created during the covert experiment. The whole truth of Project G.I.ANTS will be revealed in the PC title Origin of the Species in the first quarter of 2005.


Reapers are comprised of a soft skin membrane contained in a hard shell. They can use their jointed limbs to roll into a ball and travel at much higher speeds than their weak normal legs will allow. This hardened shell also has the added ability of withstanding a huge amount of firepower.

Reaper (Defensive Mode):

A complete file on its strategic capabilities does not exist, but numerous eye witnesses have confirmed (to the best of their ability):

  • They fire rapid bursts of organic spikes from their left upper appendage, capable of cutting a human body in half.
  • The right upper appendage fires a small organic spawn. This spawn seems to have the ability to fly through the air and use its organic gelatinous membrane to absorb impacts.

Reaper Organic Weapon System:

This ?Bomb Creature? has an exponential rate of growth and a very small life span. While traveling through the air, it matures from a single cell into a fully walking, breathing creature. It appears to be genetically pre-disposed to attract to the nearest living organism. After a short time, its high-speed metabolism, which facilitates such rapid growth, causes a catastrophic cell breakdown resulting in a very powerful explosion. The explosion originates from the creature?s carapace, which is composed partially of Uranium 173.

We are currently attempting to gather more intelligence on the other hostile entities.

In the meantime, please remember to memorize the Survival Tips. We have included Tip # 3 with this communication.

Survival Tip #3 for Encounter with Killer Bugs: Bug Spray is Useless

Come on? Just how do you think they became killer bugs in the first place? They eat that stuff for lunch. The only thing they like to eat more is the dumb ass holding the can of bug spray. Make sure you?re not around to be the second course of a killer bug meal.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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