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PlayStation Knocks It Out the Park

Company: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Product: PS4 Press Conference

After hearing the less-than-generous sharing system that will be available on the Xbox One, where you can share a game with a friend for a single day, as long as you've been friends with them for at least 30 days... a friend remarked that PlayStation could "win by default." It seems, they've done just that.

During the Sony E3 2013 Press Conference, Jack Tretton revealed a couple of features of the PS4 that were met with heart-felt cheers...

First, the PS4 will support used games, just as the PS3 does today. Also, there is no need to keep your console connected all the time. If you're interested in playing games locally, rather than engaging in multiplayer aspects, you can do so without connecting to the Internet.

The premiere content and service system, PS Plus, that has been available for PlayStation gamers will also carry over to the PS4. It will still have support for the PS3 and PS Vita, but will now include PS4, as well. You'll get discounted games, cloud saves, automatic game updates, early access to beta programs, access to the "Instant Game Collection" and immersive multiplayer online for PS4 - all for less than $5 USD per month.

As part of that Instant Game Collection, PS4 users will immediately get Driveclub PS Plus Edition during the first year...

And, to wrap up - where others might have started off - the price. The PS4 is going to retail for $399 USD, an entire $100 off the price announced earlier today for the Xbox One.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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