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Xbox One Press Conference

Company: Microsoft
Product: Xbox One

Were there Xbox 360 announcements? Sure, a couple, including a new model, but, let's call a spade a spade. This press conference was where Microsoft chose to reveal some of the gaming power of the Xbox One, including launch details. The Xbox One will be launching in 21 markets around the world in November 2013.

Every Xbox One system sold will include the new Xbox One console, the new Kinect, one Xbox One Wireless Controller and a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members. The console, itself, features a 500GB hard drive, a Blu-ray player and built-in Wi-Fi. The Xbox One launch bundle will be available for $499.99 USD in the U.S., 429 (GBP) in the U.K. and 499 (EUR) in European markets.

For those who love limited editions, Microsoft is also introducing a limited-edition commemorative bundle to fans who reserve the system at major retailers, for $499.99, 429 (GBP) or 499 (EUR). Reserving the commemorative bundle will guarantee that you'll be able to purchase the new system on Day One. Each commemorative bundle will include an Xbox One system that comes in premium black packaging with a limited edition Xbox One Day One wireless controller, as well as a unique commemorative Day One Achievement.

In addition, as a message of thanks to the millions of Xbox fans around the world for their passion and loyalty, Microsoft announced that every qualifying Xbox Live Gold member new or existing will receive two free Xbox 360 game downloads per month starting July 1 until Dec. 31, 2013, including popular titles such as Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed II. And to celebrate E3 in the month of June, Xbox Live Gold members will receive a free download of Fable III. For a limited time, gamers can also get a Day One 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership and play Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jago character, on Xbox One. Players will also receive a commemorative Day One membership card.

Microsoft has also announced some Xbox One accessories:

Xbox One Wireless Controller:
The Xbox controller is refreshed with more than 40 technical and design innovations. Updated directional pad, thumb sticks and contours deliver greater precision and control, while new vibrating impulse triggers offer precise fingertip feedback, bringing an unprecedented level of gameplay immersion. The Xbox One Wireless Controller is designed to work in concert with the new Kinect, allowing the two to be paired automatically to create seamless player syncing.

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit:
This kit includes a lithium ion rechargeable battery pack that fits inside the Wireless Controller as well as a charging cable that connects from the Controller to the console. Gamers can play on and on without having to buy a single disposable battery. The new Play & Charge Kit charges twice as fast as its Xbox 360 counterpart and charges during gameplay or when the console is in standby mode. The Kit is available for standalone purchase or as part of the Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit bundle.

Xbox One Chat Headset:
A must-have for fans of online gaming, the new Xbox One Chat Headset, wired to the controller, is designed for long gaming sessions and clear voice chat. With a lightweight and comfortable new design, the mono chat headset features wide-band digital audio and a unidirectional microphone. Gamers will not have to take their hands off the controller to access the microphone mute and volume controls.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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