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Doritos Wants to Give You an Xbox One

Company: Pepsi
Product: Dew and Doritos Xbox One Giveaway

You may have noticed this before, but Mountain Dew and Doritos do a hefty amount of marketing to gamers. This makes sense, I suppose - I'm a gamer and I do the Dew from time to time and have been known to indulge in a Dorito or two, myself. However, Mountain Dew and Doritos have outdone themselves, this time. With the upcoming launch of the Xbox One, they've decided to give a few away to lucky gamers out there...

This Fall, celebrating a new generation of gaming, the Mountain Dew and Doritos brands will give fans the opportunity to get their hands on thousands of Xbox One consoles, in what is the largest gaming promotion in the Mountain Dew and Doritos brand history to date.

"The Mountain Dew and Doritos brands are going to reward gamers in the biggest way possible this year with a variety of opportunities to get their hands on the new Xbox One. We'll be sharing more details throughout the Summer, but rest assured that Dew and Doritos are creating something that is truly befitting of our epic new generation hardware."
- Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb

To get started, gaming enthusiasts can sign up now using the link below to receive updates.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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