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Buy a 2K Game from GameFly Digital, Get Mafia II Free

Product: GameFly Digital

While Valve's Steam has been the de-facto online source for digital videogame distribution, GameFly has been edging their way into the market, selling used and new games via the GameFly Client. Now, GameFly is throwing its name in to the hat and throwing that hat into the ring: they've announced the official launch of their new PC digital website, GameFly Digital (link below).

This new destination for PC gamers features over 2,500 PC and Mac games to buy and play, with more games added every week. The new GameFly Digital website offers ways to easily navigate and discover new content through curated micro-stores called Collections, to help gamers easily find games that suit their interest. In addition, the site features an enhanced media viewer, so gamers can view full screen videos and screenshots of games before they buy them.

"We always wanted to bring the striking design and functionality of our PC client to the web so that everyone could access it from any browser. To celebrate the launch of GameFly Digital, we're excited to partner with 2K to give away their highly acclaimed PC game Mafia II for free."
Saujin Yi, GM, GameFly Digital

To receive your free copy of Mafia II, visit GameFly Digital (link below) and purchase any 2K game. See site for more details.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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