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NOCC - 5 Weird Things You Don't Know About John Ratzenberger

Company: Wizard World
Product: Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans 2014

If you weren't at John Ratzenberger's zany Q&A at Wizard World's Comic Con New Orleans 2014, you missed out. Here are a few highlights that might surprise you...

  1. John Ratzenberger loves to hear great singing.

    An aspiring actress named Kate, upon being prompted by John Ratzenberger, actually showed off her vocal ability by singing a couple stanzas of opera. She was quite good. Ratzenberger asked the audience, "Aren't you glad I asked?"

    We all were.

    [Kate - If you read this and have put anything on Youtube or elsewhere, please contact us and we'll link to you.]

  2. The Cliff Claven mailman costume used in the making of Cheers resides in the Smithsonian Institute.

    Or so he's been told. He hasn't gone to visit it because, as he said, "I haven't gone to visit it because I'm afraid it'll start beeping and leap through the glass and follow me home."
  3. He improvised the "Little Known Facts" in Cheers.

    It's a little known fact that the character of Cliff Claven in Cheers was actually an improvisation that Ratzenberger came up with on the spot, with no more prompting than, "Do you have a 'bar know-it-all'"... after doing horribly trying out for a different character on the show. Not only that, but most of the "Little-Known Facts" that he spouts off are his own creations with no more direction than, "fill in five seconds."
  4. Ratzenberger, The Courageous Captain?

    John Ratzenberger revealed that he would love to be in a remake of Captains Courageous, one of his favorite movies growing up.

    Also, growing up, John dreamed of becoming a tugboat captain. As he put it, "There's something very trustworthy about tugboats; you know - they're not gonna get you there fast, but they're gonna get you there."

  5. Ratzenberger admires inventors.

    One of the people he was most excited to meet was Steve Jobs, whom he met because Steve Jobs was responsible for that whole Pixar thing.

    Also, Ratzenberger hosted and produced "Made in America" on the Travel Channel, showcasing American manufacturing and the skill of American workers. He also currently has a fundraiser on Fund Anything to raise money to make another season of "Made in America". (Link Below). Follow the link for more details.

Want to read more than just the highlights? Check out our coverage of the Q&A (link below).

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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