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D&D 3.5: Skill Trick Requirement Calculator

Company: Wizards of the Coast
Product: Complete Scoundrel: A Player's Guide to Trickery and Ingenuity

D&D 3.5 may not be the most recent version, but it still has quite the following. Recently, when leveling up my Sorcerer, I looked in a friend's Complete Scoundrel (a source book for Rogues) and discovered the existence of something called "Skill Tricks." These are very similar to Feats, but revolve around Skill Ranks (something that everyone gets, but none so much as Rogues). While explained in the Rogue's source book, they look like they could prove interesting and perhaps useful to others. Of interest to my Rogue were "Collector of Stories" and "Conceal Spellcasting."

If you're not building a character with Skill Tricks in mind, however, you may find it daunting to try to determine what Skill Tricks you already qualify for... or how far your character is away from various Skill Tricks. Fret no more - this handy calculator will let you know exactly where you stand on meeting the various Skill Trick qualifications.

How to Use the Skill Trick Calculator:

Simply populate the left column with data about your character, indicating how many Ranks you have in each Skill. (Note: We're looking for full ranks here, not how many points you had to spend to get them.) As you change a value and tab off of the field, the right column will recalculate and show your results based on the entered info.

Character Info
Skill Ranks:
Disable Devices
Escape Artist
Knowledge: Arcana
Knowledge: Any (Total)
Open Lock
Perform (Dance)
Sleight of Hand
Use Rope
Quick Draw
Proficiency: Whip
Medium or Smaller
Resulting Skill Trick Qualifications
Acrobatic Backstab
Assume Quirk
Back on your Feet
Clarity of Vision
Clever Improviser
Collector of Stories
Concealed Spellcasting
Corner Perch
Dismount Attack
Easy Escape
Escape Attack
Extreme Leap
False Theurgy*
Group Fake-Out
Healing Hands
Hidden Blade
Leaping Climber
Listen to This
Magical Appraisal
Mosquito's Bite
Never Outnumbered
Nimble Charge
Nimble Stand
Opening Tap
Point it Out
Quick Escape
Quick Swimmer
Second Impression
Shrouded Dance
Slipping Past
Social Recovery
Speedy Ascent
Spot the Weak Point
Sudden Draw
Swift Concentration
Timely Misdirection
Tumbling Crawl
Twisted Charge
Up the Hill
Walk the Walls
Wall Jumper
Whip Climber
* The text states, "Bluff or Sleight of Hand 8 ranks," which I interpret here to mean 8 full ranks in at least one. Your DM may allow 8 ranks between the two.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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