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XTRA! Marvel Heroes Weekend

Company: Gazillion Entertainment
Product: Marvel Heroes

Hello, True Believers! Marvel Heroes has some special things planned this weekend. Get a little something extra in the form of a free random introductory hero and a bevy of boosts, then log in Saturday for Marvel Heroes' More Cowbell Saturday for cow-themed insanity, a Cosmic Cow King Crate of goodies and a chance to play and chat with David Brevik, the President of Gazillion Entertainment and self-proclaimed "Cow King."

Random Introductory Hero

Have you subscribed to the Marvel Heroes newsletter? If so, you should have received an email with a Box Code that can be redeemed for five boosts and a free, randomly selected hero. (Mine was Scarlet Witch).

If you're not a subscriber yet, go subscribe so you see the next offer and simply use the Marvel Madness Gift Box Code: "MHMGIFT" to claim yours.

"Buy a Hero, Get a Hero" Promotion

If your randomly awarded hero isn't that hero you've been wanting to buy, don't sulk; you can buy a hero character this weekend and get a second (randomly selected) hero free. Mind you, that randomly selected hero might be one you've already selected (if so, you get to upgrade that hero's Ultimate Power) - and this doesn't include Dr. Strange as an option for the free hero selected, nor do you get a free hero when you purchase Dr. Strange. In fact, there are a lot of little caveats. Use the link below to check this one out fully.

New Kids in Town

Dr. Strange is now available for purchase and use in-game. So, there's that, and there is a new enhance costume for Black Panther. Specifically, that would be the "Black Panther Shuri" costume. Because, for those of you who, like me, don't follow Black Panther very closely, evidently at some point the Black Panther mantle was picked up by Shuri, sister to T'Challa. So, with this costume, you can make the Black Panther female. You know - if you're into that.

More Cowbell Saturday

Log on this Saturday and you'll receive a Cosmic Cow King Crate containing:
  • A Cosmic Penta-Boost Potion
  • A Portal to "Bovineheim"
  • A Portal to the "Confidential Bovine Sector"
  • A Random level 60 Cosmic Medallion
  • "Brevik's Cowbell" -a new rare Artifact that features damage and an fun sound effect.
  • "Cow King's Gift" - a new Runeworld recipe for your Enchanter

There will be server-wide boosts for experience, rare item finds and special item finds, all day Saturday, March 29th from midnight to midnight (PDT)

Also, David Brevik will be playing online and answering questions from 1PM to 4PM (PDT). (His account name is "Xarex")

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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