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Sunset Overdrive Gives Us Moar Gunz!

Company: Microsoft Studios
Product: Sunset Overdrive: Weapon Pack #1

While we've just received some new single player and Chaos Squad content for Sunset Overdrive in the form of The Mystery of the Mooil Rig! (review coming soon), the fine folks at Insomniac Games have bestowed upon us a little holiday cheer in the form of Weapon Pack #1. So what's in it? Four shiny new weapons with which to level up and abuse the mutated and psychopathic denizens of Sunset City.

The Plague Bomb has exactly the effect that you'd hope a weapon with that name to have. It explodes, releasing a red mist that infects all enemies in its cloud. They stop to puke their guts out for a bit, then slowly take damage over time. Once the infected finally give up the ghost, they explode in a gout of infectious fluid. It's a chain reaction you'll be giddy to unleash at every turn.

The Rager is a confusion-style weapon that allows you to turn enemies against each other, even if they're the same enemy type. Shooting this weapon doesn't do any initial damage, but it enrages enemies, making them attack each other until they explode. Again, it's another weapon that you deploy, then sit back and watch the magic.

The Shield Buddy is mostly a defensive weapon, but there's an offensive twist to it. You charge it up by holding down the trigger, and when you release it, a green shield sphere opens up around you and everyone in it. Oh, and a series of bombs shoots outward from the center, which is you!

Finally, the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher is an exercise in pure excess, which is, of course, Sunset Overdrive's M.O. And it works exactly as it sounds like it would. You paint targets, let the trigger go, and watch the literal fireworks. It's a devastating weapon that will have your Chaos Squad rivals jealous.

You can buy the Sunset Overdrive: Weapons Pack #1 on its own for $4.99, or you can do the smart thing and invest in the Season Pass for $19.99. These weapons are classic Insomniac, but on their own, the value is questionable. We know Insomniac will deliver on the rest of the content, though. These things just go without saying.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos

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