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Zoo Vet Available at Legacy Website

Company: Legacy Interactive
Product: Zoo Vet

Legacy Interactive has announced that Zoo Vet for PC and Macintosh is available for purchase on the Legacy Interactive website. Lauded by children?s software critics and national parenting organizations, Zoo Vet lets players examine, diagnose, and treat realistic, 3D zoo animals in a fun and entertaining setting.

?Legacy Interactive is proud to introduce Zoo Vet into the homes of animal-loving people everywhere,? said Ariella Lehrer, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Interactive. ?The game is a fun and educational experience the whole family can enjoy, and is a great gift for the future vets of the world this holiday season.?

Earning The National Parenting Center?s Seal of Approval for Holiday 2004, a 2004 iParenting Media Award, and the Children?s Software and New Media Revue All Star Award, Zoo Vet gives players the chance to assume the role of a veterinarian at a world-class zoo. With help from zookeepers and vet technicians, players care for 25 different animals, ranging from lions and pandas to komodo dragons and kangaroos. More than 30 realistic medical tools are available for use, including some that allow the player to perform surgery on their patients. As the game progresses, players are rewarded with job promotions, awards, and new game features. Zoo Vet offers three different levels of play, allowing animal lovers, future vets and professionals alike, to experience the excitement of being a zoo vet, and learning to help and treat a variety of different animals.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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