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Wargame Fans Besiege Gates of Troy

Product: Gates of Troy

Matrix Games and Slitherine Strategies are pleased to announce that their new turn-based empire-building and ancient battles game, Gates of Troy, has officially ?Gone Gold,? and will be available for sale in December. Gates of Troy is an epic style turn-based strategy game that takes you on a journey through the Trojan Wars, right down to the giant Trojan Horse. Command heroes like Hector and Achilles as you battle through six campaigns of ancient warfare. Enjoy the skill and strategy of commanding more than 50 different units and 19 different heroes. If that isn?t enough, anyone who owns Spartan will be able to enjoy all their old favorite battles on the new, improved, Gates of Troy engine. If you don?t have Spartan, fear not, for Gates of Troy is playable without any previously installed software.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said, ?We are proud to add such a noted game series as Slitherine?s to the Matrix line. Gates of Troy is an addictive simulation for fans of empire building, war strategists, and general gamers alike. It is a truly enticing visual and tactical experience for anyone who enjoys strategy.

Gates of Troy Features:

  • Three interactive Tutorials
  • Six Campaigns
    • The Trojan Wars
    • The Pass of Thermopylae
    • Greek Colonization
    • Pre-Historic Greece
    • The Ionian Revolt
    • Grand Campaign with Rome and Persia
  • Beautiful Zoomable 3D Campaign Map
  • Full 3D Battles with Battle Setup, Formations and Free Zoom and Rotation During Battle Execution (Optional 2D for Slower Machines)
  • Land and Naval Warfare, including Naval Invasions, Sieges and Assaults
  • City and Empire Management
  • Vassalization of Foreign Nations Through Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy and Trade (Improved)
  • Research and Construction
  • Improved A.I.
  • Auto Resolution of Battles (Improved)
  • Mission Objectives, Historic Events, and Capital Cities
  • Extra mod features

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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