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Iron Turns to Gold

Product: Hearts of Iron II

Strategy games publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the much-awaited sequel to the multiple award-winning Hearts of Iron has gone gold. The game will be released in North America, Scandinavia, Russia, France, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Mexico. The game is expected to be available in stores in the beginning of 2005.

In Hearts of Iron II, you are the supreme leader of a country of your choosing, during the tumultuous struggle of World War II, with the goal of winning the War through warfare and diplomacy. To achieve your goals, you need to guide your nation through a multitude of aspects including alliances, technological advances, strategic thinking, and military production.

Hearts of Iron II is no less than the ultimate World War II strategy experience and is a dream come true for every armchair general. The game is scheduled to be shipped to stores on January 4, 2005, in North America and will be available on all markets by mid-February.

Hearts of Iron II features:

  • Re-designed user interface enhancing the player experience as well as deepening the gameplay.
  • Detailed diplomacy and production systems with help functions to avoid micromanagement.
  • ?Movement-is-attack? combat system, making warfare more realistic.
  • Mission-based Air and Naval system, giving options for logistical strikes and targeted bombing.
  • New political system with possibilities to change the political base of your country during the war.
  • Four major campaigns and 15 battle scenarios optimized for an evening or two of gaming. Historical scenarios like Case White, Operation Barbarossa, and many more.
  • Co-operative multiplayer, enabling up to 32 players to play against each other or share the same country over a LAN or the Internet.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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