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Alienware Systems Priced Below Competition

Product: Alienware Systems

Alienware, the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, and professional workstations, is offering high-performance systems at prices more affordable than comparable systems from Dell and HP. Due to Alienware?s continuing growth, and the resulting economies of scale, the company says they?re able to pass along significant savings to both consumers and corporate customers.

Alienware is currently offering exciting incentives on numerous Alienware systems, including its entire line of desktop computers. Similar savings are available on other innovative systems such as Sentia notebooks and DHS media center systems through rebates of up to $250 plus free shipping. Alienware has also introduced a number of powerful new systems at attractive price points, among them the Area-51m 7700 mobile desktop and the DVD player sized DHS 2 Series media center.

?Alienware has long been known for cutting-edge performance and highly dedicated customer support, and now we are able to deliver these premium products to customers at unbeatable values,? said Robert Lusk, vice president of sales and marketing for Alienware. ?With Alienware?s new impressively low price points, any perceived advantage of buying from another system manufacturer has disappeared.?

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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