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Rockstar Offers GTA2 for Free

Company: Rockstar Games
Product: Grand Theft Auto 2

As the adage goes, there is no greater joy than the gift of giving. So then it?s not entirely selfless that Rockstar is once again continuing the tradition of giving away an entire game from their library to you.

Simply head on over to www.rockstargames.com/classics, fill out the form fields, follow the instructions, and you can download a fully optimized PC version of Grand Theft Auto 2 absolutely free.

Yes, GTA2. The second installment of the Grand Theft Auto lineage; originally released in 1999. The one that introduced the concept of multiple rival gangs vying for your attention and criminal work-for-hire: the Yakuza, Scientists, Looneys, Rednecks, Zaibatsu, Russian mob, and Hare Krishnas. Gouranga!

This late 20th century top-down classic is now available to you all in the form of a 350MB downloadable .zip, courtesy of Rockstar Games.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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