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Castle Attack 2 Download Available

Company: Firefly Studios
Product: Castle Attack 2

As a holiday gift to Stronghold fans worldwide, Firefly Studios has released Castle Attack 2, a free, fun, and terribly addictive downloadable mini-game that gives you a small glimpse at the world of Stronghold 2.

Scheduled for release in March of 2005, gamers have a chance to construct mighty castles, protect subjects from plagues of rats, and be honored in the sequel to the best-selling Stronghold series. Stronghold 2 builds on the great gameplay and immerses the player in stunning new lush 3D environments. Take up the fight against cunning new opponents in epic battles and become the greatest lord in the land.

Stronghold 2?s gameplay includes:

  • a construction set
  • daring duels through castle keeps, over walls, and inside great towers
  • all new troop units, siege equipment, and new formations that allow epic warfare
  • the ability to look inside buildings and see medieval life unfold
  • lavish feasts and spectacular jousting tournaments, where gamers can have honor bestowed upon them

  • -Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
    AKA Alex Redmann

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