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Hearts of Iron II Storms Retail

Company: Paradox Interactive
Product: Hearts of Iron II

Paradox Interactive proudly announces that their much-awaited sequel to the multiple award-winning Hearts of Iron has shipped to retail stores all over North America. Hearts of Iron II is rated E for Everyone and costs $39.99.

?A strong vision for this sequel combined with feedback from our players has given us a product we are immensely proud of. We believe this could be our best strategy title released to date,? says Fredrik Lindgren, Director of Sales and Marketing for Paradox Interactive. ?Most of the basic elements have been changed to make the game smoother and give the player a better gaming experience. Our goal for Hearts of Iron II has been to make it easier to learn yet harder to master.?

Hearts of Iron II comes with a completely re-worked interface, 19 battle scenarios, 14,000 leaders and generals, and the co-operative multiplayer feature adds a new dimension to the gameplay. The in-depth manual and tutorial will ease new players into the game.

Hearts of Iron received international acclaim from the North American and European gaming communities, including Editor?s Choice Awards from PC Gamer, IGN, and Strategy Gaming Online. The franchise has been surrounded by controversy as both games have been banned by China?s Ministry of Culture for allegedly ?distorting history and damaging China?s sovereignty and territorial integrity.?

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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