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Matrix Games Reduces Prices

Company: Matrix Games
Product: Matrix Products

Matrix Games is pleased to announce the new prices for its full current line of games for 2005, effective January 10th. Throughout most of the Matrix Games line, these new prices reflect a savings for customers. The new price levels are expected to remain constant for the titles throughout 2005.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said, ?Due to the success of our digital downloads, we?ve decided to expand our line of downloadable games and reduce prices for many of our current titles. With these new prices, some of our titles are now below $30 and in some cases below $20 in price, creating a new expanded selection of quality titles for strategy gamers on a budget.?

In all cases, the price listed is the price for the digital download version of a product, if currently available. In response to customer feedback, Matrix Games intends to add digital download capability to many of their previously released titles during 2005.

  • Across the Dnepr (SSG) $14.99
  • Battles in Normandy (SSG) $49.99
  • Campaigns on the Danube (Adanac) $19.99
  • Case Blue (X1) $19.99
  • Firefight (O?Connor) $19.99
  • Flashpoint: Germany (Matrix) $34.99
  • Gates of Troy (Slitherine) $19.99
  • Highway to the Reich (Panther) $39.99
  • Korsun Pocket (SSG) $39.99
  • Massive Assault (Wargaming.Net) $24.99
  • Mega-Campaign: Desert Fox (Matrix) $24.99
  • Mega-Campaign: Lost Victories (Matrix) $24.99
  • Mega-Campaign: Screaming Eagles (Matrix) $24.99
  • Mega-Campaign: Watchtower (Matrix) $24.99
  • Operation Barbarossa (X1) $19.99
  • Starshatter (Destroyer) $29.99
  • Starships Unlimited: Divided Galaxies (Apezone) $24.99
  • Steel Panthers: World at War General?s Edition (Matrix) $69.99
  • The Last Days (X1) $19.99
  • Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great (Koios) $29.99
  • Titans of Steel: Warring Suns (Vicious Byte) $29.99
  • Uncommon Valor (2 by 3) $39.99
  • War in the Pacific (2 by 3) $69.99

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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