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Cold War Isn?t Over in Flashpoint Germany

Company: Matrix Games
Product: Flashpoint Germany

Matrix Games has announced that the tactical war game Flashpoint Germany has officially ?Gone Gold? and is set for release sometime during the last week in January 2005. The game will be available both via CD and download from the Matrix Games website.

Flashpoint Germany takes you back to the height of the cold war where tensions run tighter than a clock-spring. This time the peace-talks have failed. The world as we know it stands on the brink of World War III as the two super powers of NATO and the Soviet Warsaw Pact square off in a modern tactical simulation of what could have been.

Take command as general of either side?s forces and employ tactics and strategies for modern warfare including air strikes, minefields, artilleries, chemical weapons, and of course, tactical nuclear warheads. With a complete database of accurate equipment and unit types, comprising more than 170 different units, 195 platforms or vehicles, and 112 different weapons, Flashpoint Germany gives you the final say in how the Cold War could have ended.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said, ?Flashpoint Germany takes tactical war gaming to a place rarely ventured to by game companies. The Cold War marked a 45 year period during which the smallest wrong step could have led to world-wide disaster. We are pleased to present this ?what if? scenario that puts the player in the role of a brigade or battalion commander with some of the deadliest conventional forces ever assembled.?

Flashpoint Germany spans 17 different scenarios and comes complete with a scenario editor, order of battle guide, and equipment database. Additionally, players can play online, by e-mail, or against a competitive computer opponent. Each battle map is a detailed representation of the German landscape, representing the actual terrain that would have influenced battles throughout West Germany.

Additionally, two new public screenshots are available for Flashpoint Germany. The screenshots depict some of the interesting features and units found within the game.

The first screenshot is of an ?inspection? of a unit, displaying many of the various stats that are available and taken into account for each battle.

The second screenshot gives an overview of the tactical map. Note the attention to detail concerning things like weather and how many radio communications you are putting out at the bottom of the screen. Also depicted is a tactical nuclear explosion, a weapon which can change the course of a battle, but with potentially disastrous strategic costs.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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