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Break Out the SNES: Little Mac Makes a Comeback

Product: Fight Night: Round 2

Electronic Arts and Nintendo have announced that the popular boxing title, Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo, will be included exclusively in the Nintendo GameCube version of Fight Night: Round 2. Shipping on March 1, 2005 under the EA Sports brand, the newest addition in the award-winning Fight Night series is making its debut on the Nintendo GameCube bundled with an added bonus only available for Nintendo GameCube fans.

?We grew up as fans of the Punch-Out!! series that delivered hands-down, the best boxing gaming experience of its time,? said Kudo Tsunoda, executive producer, EA Chicago. ?Now we?re offering Nintendo GameCube gamers double the boxing excitement with one of the best sports titles of the past as well as the most realistic and knuckle-clenching boxing game of today with Super Punch-Out!! and Fight Night: Round 2. This is the ultimate match-up.?

The sequel to the best selling boxing title of 2004 will introduce Nintendo GameCube players to the most innovative and realistic boxing video game on the market via Fight Night: Round 2 as well as bring a sense of nostalgia to gamers as they step into the ring with Super Punch-Out!! Players will also be able to unlock Little Mac from Super Punch-Out!! to duke it out with more than 30 real world boxers featured in Fight Night: Round 2.

?The Punch-Out!! series defined boxing video games,? says George Harrison, Nintendo of America?s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. ?We have a new contender in the ring that?s changing the face of boxing games. What better way to introduce our Nintendo gamers to EA Sports Fight Night: Round 2 than allowing gamers to experience two boxing franchises that have had the most impact in this sports genre from the beginning of boxing games to now.?

Fight Night: Round 2 introduces exciting new features to the series including the EA Sports Haymaker, EA Sports Cutman, a unique create-a-player option, and an extensive career mode. The game packs in more fearsome punches and total boxer control so that players can truly dominate the fight inside and outside of the ring.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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