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Hail Caesar, Master of the World!

Company: Matrix Games
Product: Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar

Matrix Games has announced that they have signed Koios Works? latest title in the Tin Soldiers series, Julius Caesar. Using the same general play style of Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar makes massive improvements to the graphical engine along with numerous game changes to correctly mimic the change in armies and army tactics for the time period.

David Heath, Director of Operations for Matrix Games said, ?We?re very pleased to continue to bring this series to the fans of historic war games. We have high hopes for the Tin Soldiers series to become a dominant player in strategy gaming, both with fans of miniatures and with a larger audience who prefer easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master strategy games.?

Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar brings a completely new 3D engine into the battle, allowing users to zoom in, out, and rotate the map for a better view of the battlefield. The artwork overhaul features more than 100 different replicas of hand-painted miniatures including the fearsome legions of Caesar himself. On the inside of the game, the A.I. has been overhauled as well to support a variety of battle formations while the legions of Caesar have been expanded from the normal block of four units to a more powerful block of six. This allows you to replicate the power and strength the Roman legions possessed.

The campaign mode features two distinct campaigns that no longer occur in linear order. You must defeat the Gaelic campaign and the final showdown against the combined forces of Gaul at Alesia, and then proceed to the Roman civil war where you will conquer Rome itself. By keeping many of the aspects that made Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great popular and improving it in many areas, Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar will be appealing to both existing fans and newcomers alike.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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