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Advent Rising Soundtrack Features Grammy Talent

Company: Majesco
Product: Advent Rising

Building on the excitement surrounding the May launch of one of their most-anticipated products, Majesco has announced an ensemble of top Hollywood and award-winning musical talent behind the video game soundtrack for Advent Rising. Recorded at Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA, the Advent Rising soundtrack is a completely original musical score that incorporates live orchestral and vocal elements to create a variety of musical themes utilized throughout the game. The soundtrack is also planned for retail release to coincide with the game. ?Our approach with Advent Rising was to create a gameplay experience similar to that of an epic film,? said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. ?Creating a powerful soundtrack was a key component to evoking a higher level of player emotion and allowing the player to feel completely immersed in the Advent universe while playing the game.?

Majesco contracted a 70-piece Hollywood union orchestra, which was led by Emmy Award-winning conductor Mark Watters. The score was then mixed and recorded by Armin Steiner, the Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer best known for his work on such blockbusters movies as ?Finding Nemo,? ?Seabiscuit,? and ?The Matrix? trilogy. Composition and sound design was created by award-winning composer and video game sound designer Tommy Tallarico, who enlisted the talents of a world famous operatic choir and their complimenting children?s choir united to perform the music?s extraordinary chorus. Emerging RCA recording artist Charlotte Martin co-wrote and performed lead vocals and piano for the song ?Greater Lights,? which is featured on the soundtrack.

Coinciding with the announcement is the release of an all-new gameplay trailer, specially edited to one of the soundtrack?s orchestral scores. Advent Rising is the first of a planned trilogy of action/adventure games for Xbox and PC. An intergalactic saga created with award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott Card, the Advent series thrusts gamers into a continuously evolving series of sequences and events, where they are forced to make decisions that will affect not only the outcome of the first game, but the entire trilogy.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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