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2K Games Teams Up With SCi

Product: Conflict: Global Terror, Carmageddon, Reservoir Dogs

2K Games has announced that it has signed an agreement with SCi Games for exclusive North American publishing rights to Conflict: Global Terror, Carmageddon, and Reservoir Dogs. ?We are very pleased to again be working with SCi and building on the successes of this partnership,? said Christoph Hartmann, Senior Vice President of Publishing for 2K Games. ?All three of these titles illustrate 2K Games? commitment to producing high quality games from proven franchises and exciting licenses.?

Conflict: Global Terror brings the series into the 21st century and joins the war on terrorism in this highly anticipated sequel to the successful franchise which has shipped more than 2.5 million units in North America alone. In fall 2005, the original Delta Force members from the Conflict series will return to fight alongside players on console and PC, in a variety of locations around the world where terrorism is present.

Carmageddon, a game where speed and racing are not the only goals, returns. Rejuvenated for the console and PC market, the new Carmageddon is faster and more intense than ever, and planned for release in fall 2005.

Reservoir Dogs, the Quentin Tarantino classic cult film, is being adapted into an explosive action packed console and PC game. Scheduled for release in 2006, Reservoir Dogs brings gamers deep into the seedy, underground world of crime they fell in love with when it was originally released as a feature film.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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