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Xfire Responds to Yahoo! Lawsuit

Product: Xfire

Xfire has announced it has reached the one million member mark over the past year. The online gaming network says they?re extremely proud of the milestone. They say rapid growth was a result of providing innovative tools and services to make online gaming easy.

In addition, Xfire is also responding to its case with Yahoo! Earlier, Yahoo! filed a lawsuit against Xfire, claiming there was a patent infringement. Xfire says they?ve reviewed the claims and say they?re not infringing the Yahoo! patent. In a statement to Game Vortex, Xfire writes, ?We were surprised and disappointed that Yahoo! filed the lawsuit without first contacting Xfire to discuss the situation. We did not receive a cease and desist letter, and we were initially notified only the afternoon before the lawsuit was filed.? They go on to say, ?We want to resolve this matter quickly and have offered Yahoo! our willingness to do any of the following: We have offered to let Yahoo!?s co-founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo, review our code to make them comfortable that we don?t infringe Yahoo!?s patent. We have offered mediation as a step towards resolving the matter. Finally, we are willing to pursue arbitration, in which case we will accept the arbitrator?s decision as binding and final.?

Xfire officials say they hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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