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Psychotoxic Demo Released

Product: Psychotoxic

Whiptail Interactive has announced the availability of the playable demo for its upcoming apocalyptic first person shooter, Psychotoxic. This action-packed download showcases some of the non-stop chaos that players will be experiencing when the game ships to retail late February 2005.

Psychotoxic casts players in the role of Angie Prophet, Earth?s last line of defense between life and destruction. Angie must fight through an endless army of foes in her attempt to stop the Reverend Crowley from summoning death, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. The adventure unfolds more than 29 levels where Angie can do battle with more than 90 different foes in 2022 New York. Unique Angelic abilities allow Angie to heal, become invisible, slow down time, and enter people?s minds where she can discover their inner most fears.

The demo showcases two levels from the final version of the game. The first level takes place in the parking garage of the FBI as Angie makes her escape from Washington, D.C. She?ll have to use her wits and be resourceful as she evades the Government?s most highly trained agents. In the second stage, Angie finds herself battling her way through a shipyard that is littered with heavily armed SWAT forces. Luckily, she has a number of Angelic abilities hidden up her sleeve to complement her high-powered arsenal.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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