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Be the Big Sim on Campus

Company: EA Games
Product: The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack

Electronic Arts says The Sims 2: University, the highly-anticipated expansion pack to the best-selling PC game, The Sims 2, has shipped in North America under the EA Games brand. In September 2004, The Sims 2 shipped as the next generation sequel to the best selling PC game of all time, The Sims. The Sims 2 skyrocketed to the top of the charts quickly becoming a blockbuster hit among its fans and critics. As the first expansion pack for this PC phenomenon, players will be able to take their Sims and live out their ultimate college fantasy. Developed by the award-winning EA Maxis studio, The Sims 2: University will introduce a new young-adult stage of life, four new career paths, new influence gameplay, and more than 125 new objects.

The Sims 2: University allows players to explore a whole new stage of life as young adults, and introduces college-related wants and fears that are ultimately tied to their Sims? social life and academic goals. Join a secret society, pledge a sorority or fraternity, or even join a band and see if your Sims will become the big Sim on campus. The Sims 2: University also introduces influence gameplay allowing players to earn influence points to have other Sims do certain tasks for them such as homework, term papers, cleaning up the fraternity house, or even pulling pranks on other Sims. Players will be able to choose from one of 11 majors and open up four new career paths while exploring new campus locations such as college lounges, pool halls, gyms, and coffee houses.

?We?ve wanted to give our players the opportunity to experience University life for a long time, going back to expansion packs for The Sims,? said Tim LeTourneau, Senior Producer at Electronic Arts. ?With The Sims 2 players can take their Sims thru a lifetime, and with The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack players are finally able to take their Sims through this new young adult lifestyle and immerse them into the fun college years.?

The Sims 2: University is rated ?T? for Teen. The game is in stores now in North America and will be starting March 11 in Europe. The Sims 2 is required to play The Sims 2: University.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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